Company Profile

Star Advertising is situated in the center of the city Ahmedabad. Serving industries in the field of outdoor advertising, we have established our brand name in entire state of Gujarat. We have our offices and warehouses in all major cities of Gujarat. We have team of self motivated, well educated and well trained members who are happy to serve the best to our clients.

Established in 2007, we have completed over 8 years in the advertising media portfolio. Our clients are happy with our services and products. We deal in outdoor advertising, Auto Rickshaw Banner Advertising, Flex Banner Ads, Vinyl Advertising, Auto Rickshaw Hood Printing Advertising, AMTS Bus Advertising, Bus Stand Advertisements, Banner & Advertising material printing, Media Cart Advertising etc.

In short we are all in one outdoor advertising solution. If you want to launch a new product, start a new brand, a new business or want to enter a new city, we’ll plan your advertising management as per your requirement and budget.

How the Auto Advertising will be more economical and effective for the branding and exposure of your product:

An Auto rickshaw moves at least 200 Km in the city. Per KM bare minimum at least 10 people will looks the banner so the ratio will be !

1 auto x 10 looking people per KM per day x 200 KM per day per auto =2000 view per day

2000 views per day x 1000 Nos. of Auto=20,00,000 per day.

20,00,000 per day views x 30 Days =6,00,00,000 (60 Million ) Exposures  auto banners  per month.


Why Outdoor Advertising?

Outdoor Advertising Can Be Very Cost Effective

Outdoor Media Association, performed a studied and found that outdoor advertising delivers a high Return of Investment in all categories and the higher the budget spent on outdoor advertising the larger the ROI.

It Has A High Reach With A Mass Audience

This is a great marketing platform for brands or business that are trying to reach a broader audience. Outdoor advertising is public and has access to consumers that can sometimes be difficult to reach. Like younger users, busy business people and lower income consumers may not have access to traditional mediums, so outdoor advertising is a great way to reach them.

It Impacts The Path-Of-Purchase

According to APN Outdoor, 70% of purchases are occurring outside of the main shopping and retail centres. Location is everything when it comes to outdoor advertising because it impacts across all stages of the Path-to-Purchase. Research collected by the UK’s Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) shows that outdoor advertising is the advertising medium most seen by shoppers in ‘the last window of influence’ before shopping.

Outdoor is an engaging medium

Unlike most mediums, outdoor is actually liked by consumers. Research from APN Outdoor, found that 71% of Australians preferred buses with advertising than those without and that 36% stated outdoor advertising as a welcome distraction.

Outdoor advertising is a team player in the marketing mix

Outdoor advertising can and has been proven, to work best with other mediums. The impact and reach of outdoor advertising is greater and can remind the consumer of the message across other media.

Outdoor advertising can offer brands and companies a fresh and creative approach to reaching consumers.  If you’re interested in one of the benefits listed above contact us today and see how we can help you with your outdoor advertising. We would love to navigate your journey through finding the appropriate and most effective outdoor advertising for you and for your budget.



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