Auto Rickshaw Ads

We advertise your business behind auto rickshaws. Auto rickshaws travel entire city. At very low cost, you can advertise on all roads of your city. In traffic and while driving, people see your advertisement behind auto rickshaws.

Auto rickshaw ads are low in price and cover good amount of area of your city. There are three types of ads which can be done behind auto rickshaws:

Flex Banner Ads: Flex banners of 3 Ft x 2 Ft are applied behind auto rickshaw with sellotape. We use high quality transparent sellotape, so that your banner is visible even after sellotape.


Vinyl Banner Ads: Vinyl banner sticker is sticked behind auto rickshaws of size of 3Ft x 2 Ft. It is a sticker advertisement, so there are less chances of removal of your ad from the auto rickshaw.

Hood Advertisement: Your business ad is printed on the hood of auto rickshaw. In this advertisement, your ad is placed on all sides of the hood.


Auto Ads Ahmedabad